Big Ideas Deserve A Very Large Video Wall Display


Big Ideas Deserve A Very Large Video Wall Display
Big Ideas Deserve A Very Large Video Wall Display

Prysm's LPD 6k large Single Panel Display series is created to give a large scale engrossing and interactive experience in your experience centers. Its size, coupled with its superior illumination and picture excellence ensures your content and name look flawless every time.

Our specialist team brings tremendous expertise, staging advice, and professional assistance to each production. Prysm Systems LPD screens have features like artistic graphics, custom mapping of video sources. Prysm System's unique and charismatic screen technology, in a wide array of resolutions and sizes, give options for every type of meeting. Ground-supported and flow systems provide event staging specifications. The touch interactive large Single Panel screen Prysm LPD 6K offers a picturesque, bezel-less image and targets executive briefing centers, premium discussion rooms, and digital signage.


Interactive video wall display
Interactive video wall display

Prysm The system has a high fill-factor, high contrast ratio, so it's an excellent solution if a firm is looking for an interactive display but also ones that want in-person collaboration features. These days, the pandemic situation is prevalent and employees of a company are working from home. There are times when a plan requires the active collaboration of outside authorities who are not employees.


·    It offers a dazzling image due to deep blacks and extraordinary contrast.

·    32 touch points offer an excellent experience with a built-in touch screen.

·    A touch screen with low force utilization, utilizing at any rate 20% less energy than similarly measured Interactive video wall display with 96 percent recyclable materials.

·    The shatterproof screen is adaptable and offers versatility for transport making it simple to convey and introduce.

·    Better workableness with simpler access from the front of the unit.


Prysm the software gives the convenience of joining from any device or place be it Laptops, Mobile, or Any Prysm enabled screen. This will help you easily capture, share, and pursue ideas.

All type of content can be cast in real-time be it Word, PDF, PPT, worksheet, video, and more On the Prysm Systems display. They can all be mirrored on different devices, moved around on the display, edited by people at different places together. The essential element of this technology is LPD licensed by Prysm. Rays from UV lasers are thrown onto a screen that is covered with color phosphor stripes. Phosphors are stimulated by the power of the lasers thereby forming an image. The benefits of this large video screen are the screen is formed of tiles. So it can be seamlessly customized there is no pixelation of images if you adjust their real size images are visible when seen from any corner and the system utilizes very low costs of energy.

Traditional Video Walls normally offer an agreeable sense for the watcher that can just impart outwardly. With a Touch screen, crowds are pulled in towards, conceivably making this an exceptionally ground-breaking show. Prysm System powers various companies, and its clients belong to different industries for example technology, energy, finance, medical, communications, and learning.

The the versatility of the system which gives the same laser phosphor display experience on a conventional touch screen video wall display system. There is an edge that is fuelling the broad adoption of the Tech. The customer needn't buy our screen.

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