Collaboration Tools That Can Be Used for Online Education


Online Education
Online Education

The process in which two or more two persons work together to achieve a specific goal is known as collaboration. Collaboration is very helpful for the students in various ways. Students can brainstorm creative ideas with the help of collaboration. It is the best way to enhance your problem-solving skills. Collaboration can also inspire critical thinking. It improves social interactions. To collaborate, students require collaboration tools. Different students are using different tools for collaboration. Here, we will discuss the best collaboration tools that can be used for online education.



This tool was started as a video response tool a few years ago. After that, it was converted into a versatile social learning platform. Nowadays, it is providing lots of options for the students. The students can use this tool as an extended classroom discussion and learning. By using this tool, students can connect with local as well as global students. After connecting with other students, they can exchange videos for project-based learning. They can also involve their teachers in communications. They can provide the best suggestions for their projects. Teachers can also assess their students. This tool is providing lots of ways for the students to add content. It is also providing a comfortable space of sharing the content for the students. Teachers can listen to the problems of all the students. After listening to these problems, they can provide possible feedback on these problems.



It is an app-based tool. This essential tool is providing the best platform for the students and teachers to ask and answer the questions. Teachers can also use this tool to assess the students. While using this tool, teachers can ask questions individually from the students. After asking the individual questions, they can also save their answers. After assessing the answers to these questions, they can assign grades. This tool is providing different ways to ask questions. First, teachers can ask live questions. Secondly, students can schedule these questions. They can also ask these questions in the form of posting the announcements. It means that it is the best tool for the quick formative assessment of the students. Students can also form a group with their fellows by using this tool. After forming groups with their fellows, they can use this tool to complete their projects.



It is a mind mapping tool for the students. By using this tool, students can collaborate. While communicating, they can share their views about a specific topic. This is also the best tool to share the content to complete a writing project. Students can also discuss new topics in this tool. They can visualize the information in the form of images. This tool also allows the students to record their thoughts relevant to a specific topic. After recording these thoughts, they can show their thoughts to the rest of the class. To show these thoughts to the rest of the class, they can add their fellows in their groups.



Recommended by experts of a dissertation help firm, this is most famous collaboration tool. The tagline of this tool is ‘Make Math Social’. The most important task of this tool is to engage all the members of your class in the group discussions. After involving all the members of the class in the group discussions, they can enhance their problem-solving skills. This tool allows students to share their problems. When this problem is life in the group, it allows the other members to provide the best solutions to these problems. In group discussions, they can learn how to solve these problems. This is also the best tool to enhance the communication skills of the students.


Makers Empire:

This tool is providing the best opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The developers of this tool have developed it for STEM subjects. By using this tool, students can create groups with their fellows. They can also add their teachers to these groups. After creating these groups, they can share valuable data in these groups. Most of the students are using this tool to accomplish their goals. This is known as the best tool to get an education at the early stage of education.



As we know that the popularity of video games is increasing day by day among the students. These video games are creating lots of problems for the students. To divert the attention of their students from video games, teachers can encourage them to use this tool. By using this tool, students can learn various things just by playing games. Along with playing games, this tool is also providing some amazing features for the students. Students can take part in everyday classroom activities. They can upgrade their positive behavior. They can also enhance their academic career.



If we want to enhance the performance of the students, we have to involve the parents in the teaching-learning process. This essential collaboration tool is also helpful for the institutions to engage students, teachers, and parents at one platform. Teachers can assign assignments to the students. Students can solve these assignments by collaborating with their fellows and teachers. After solving these assignments, they can submit their assignments. Teachers can assess the educational progress of the students and share their grades in this tool. They can also share the performance of their students with their parents. Teachers and students discuss the main points to enhance the performance of the students.


Drawp for School:

It is an essential tool for teachers. By using this tool, teachers can collaborate with their students. To collaborate with their students, they can set up classes. By using this tool, teachers assign different projects to their students. This tool is providing lots of opportunities for students to solve their projects. To solve these projects, they can use drawings, stickers, and other fun materials. This tool is also providing some unique features for the teachers. By using these unique features, teachers can create different groups of their students. They can assign different assignments to their students. Teachers can also share other learning material with their students.

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