Railway Transport in India - Advantages and Disadvantages

Railway Transport in India
Railway Transport in India

Railway transport, which is touted as the safest transport method globally, is actively practiced in many world sections. For example, Switzerland is the 1st nation that talks regarding railways. People come to this land only because of rail journey. It is constructed for train travel, which takes many days.


The total rail distance of our country is, unhappily, 9 thousand kilometers. It is very affecting because many of our areas do not have railways, no significant investment has been made in this regard. However, in terms of passenger transport and freight transport, we can benefit ourselves in several ways. But unfortunately, we cannot lay our hands on this area.


Compared to other transport services, like road transport done by truck-like Tata 407 truck and more, it provides more economical and secure opportunities in the national or international arena.


however, providing transport services with open or closed wagons according to the type of goods;


According to the destination, it provides a reliable service network, especially for the middle east and European countries and has 20 networks, 40 in standard containers and 45 Con HC containers. Furthermore, our company; With the wagon type that best suits your cargo, it has made a principle to deliver your cargo safely on time and in the most suitable conditions.


Railway services in this area



  • Block train organizations
  • Single or group wagon organization
  • Railway container service
  • Project transportation
  • Door to door delivery
  • Not affected by climatic conditions
  • Exemption from transit road permit
  • Net profits



What is Railway?


It is called steel rail, which is laid to move on an iron wheeled train. It is a layout that gives excellent convenience to railway transportation. The term railway is used today for vehicles, stations, bridges and tunnels, and train enterprises. The first railway was built in England. Its purpose was to facilitate the transportation of coal to the mines. It was first kept in Sheffield in 1776. The railway open to the public for the first time in 1801.


This line was also built between Wandsworth and Croydon in England. The establishment of the initial railroad in today's sense dates from 1813, coming later. At that time, the first locomotive began to operate on the railway linking George Stevenson and Darlington. After that, with the evolution of bridge construction and tunneling j, railway transport has acquired importance day by day. A hundred years after the first railway was built, the railways' length reached 1.256,000 km. Of this, 420.0000 km was in Europe, 170.000 km was in Asia, and 589.000 km was in America.


Advantages of Railway Transport


Railway transport is one of the essential transport methods in terms of cost, time, and safety. As the number of wagons increases, the volume of cargo and the number of passengers are increasing. This increases the carrying capacity. In other words, a road carries more freight than air transport and provides less cost.


On the other hand, railway transport is one of the transport methods that pollute the environment the least. In addition, it provides more economical transportation for heavy and high volume loads. Since there is no traffic problem, the wait time can be minimal. You can also get information about the delivery time of your product due to the flight times.


If you have a heavy load and don't have a time limit, it would be the most logical transportation method to have railed at the destination with the delivery point. Therefore, the importance of railroads in the transportation of mines, especially for underground sources such as coal is of great importance.


Disadvantages of Railway Transport


The most significant disadvantage to railway transport is inadequate infrastructure. However, limited delivery locations also increase losses. This problem is growing more when we think that many cities in our country do not have railways. In addition, there are not many disadvantages.


Apart from this, it needs road transport for door-to-door delivery. So several freight movers have to pay the extra expenses in purchasing or renting commercial vehicle models.


Importance of Railway Transport


Because the railway is not developed in our country, we cannot access such information. However, railway transport is more important in areas with railways than other transport methods. In the first 25 years of the republic, 4 were built for about a thousand kilometers, but until 2010 years this number did not reach even one thousand kilometers. When we come to the year 2018, we have increased this number with the high-speed trains being built in some cities.


If we want to live in prosperity, we must increase infrastructure investment and increase production. If you're going to get information about railway transport, you can wait for our next blog. We will come with our next blog regarding Auto price to help you in other modes of transportation.


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