RO Water Purifier Service in Delhi

Water Purifier Service
Water Purifier Service

You must be conscious of the fact that apart from so many comforts and services the city offers. There are many disadvantages as well, and one of them is drinking water. Delhi has a crumbling infrastructure of civic amenities mainly due to population and pollution. Due to these problems, Delhi faces an acute shortage of drinking water and quality issues. These are why one must own a water purifier in Delhi; otherwise, you are compromising with the health of you and your family.

Among all the famous brands available in Delhi, the most popular one is the Aquaguard Delhi. They not only have many dealers and showrooms across Delhi. Aquaguard’s customer service network and post-sales services are some of the best in Delhi, among other brands. Wherever you stay, Aquaguard service Delhi will have at least one service center in your nearby locality.


Coming to purchasing a water purifier in Delhi, one must look for few things in the brand. One should be the quality which is an essential factor. If the water quality is not up to the mark, there is no point in investing in such a water purifier. A good water purifier has many parts which complement its quality. Its filter units, water softener unit, water pumping, and low maintenance unit. All of this work in tandem to create a functional household water purifier.

To judge the quality, the best way is to check over the internet, read reviews and maybe ask your neighbor which brand they use. Another critical factor is to check their after-sales service. Since water purifiers are maintenance-hungry products without an excellent post-sales service network, even the best of the water purifiers will be of no use. As a customer, one needs support from the brand for the timely replacement of water purifier filters. 

About Water Purifiers

Water purifiers that are primarily purchased in India and Delhi are RO-based water purifiers. They are valued for money and effective water purifiers. There are some advanced water purifiers available by various brands in Delhi, like RO and UV-based water purifiers. But these are a bit expensive than the RO-based water purifiers in Delhi. Aquaguard too offers many types of water purifiers in multiple price ranges in Delhi. Based on your budget and requirements you can choose one.

Whatever water purifier you choose, some units are standard across all kinds of water purifiers. They are RO filter or the reverse osmosis filter, water softener unit, carbon unit, external filters, etc. You get an additional UV ray unit that uses Ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria and viruses present in the water. There are some more advanced units and embed cooling systems and other filtration techniques for a higher quality of water output in Delhi. But for purchasing them, you have to pay a hefty sum which is not possible for a middle class to afford in Delhi.


About Water Purifier Servicing

Aquaguard in Delhi has one of the best customers cares and after-sales services. They have service centers at many places in Delhi. They also have a big pool of experienced service engineers with the best knowledge about Aquaguard water purifiers. Coming to the cost of after-sales service, there are two options that one can avail of.


One way is to pay for every service visit that the engineers make for regular maintenance. For any replacement of parts like filters or damage of any details, you need to pay for the same, and the engineer will replace and fix your unit. The second way, which is also the most preferred way, is to purchase the AMC from the brand. Once you are buying the water purifier for one year, all the services are free. But from the following year, if you buy an AMC, you extend the warranty by a year or two.

Thus, you do not have to pay anything extra for regular service visits. All the parts that need frequent replacement also happen for free. If any of the covered features are damaged, then also its replacement occurs without any cost. The only price that you pay is the lump sum amount upfront to buy or renew your AMC. All the brands, including Aquaguard, avail of this facility in Delhi. 


From the above discussion, it’s pretty clear that we need water purifiers to live healthy in a city like Delhi. If you own one, you should also get regular maintenance and timely replacement of parts for the best quality. From after-sales aspects, brands like Aquaguard service Delhi offers many service centers, and you can rely on their service as it’s of the best quality in Delhi.

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