Top 5 Adventure Places in India

Adventure Places in India
Adventure Places in India


Only traveling from your couch to bed? Now it’s time to travel on an adventure. If you are not aware then let me tell you India is not only known for its heritage and culture. There is something more than that, where you will find treasure if you explore the core of India. India offers you adventures that will rush adrenaline through your veins. There are many places that will allow you to experience climatic change and the pristine beauty of nature. Mountains, Valleys, Rivers, and Ocean you will witness the best of these in India and experience some staggering adventure in your life. So here are a few places to visit that will fill your vacation with adventure. 


Leh Ladakh:

From trekking to stargazing you will experience every possible adventure at this alluring destination. Leh Ladakh is the winsome union territory of India. A place for tourists to experience the charming beauty of the calm Himalayan peaks. Ladakh being the land full of culture and tradition is the best place to experience the playful and cherished atmosphere during the festivals. Being The rooftop of the world and home of some most prominent treks and passes, Leh Ladakh is the best place for tourists to experience the thrill of the mountains. Chadar trek is something that will fulfill all your demands when you will begin your trek on the frozen lake of Zanskar. Camping during the night is something that will give you doubt of waking up the next morning. It is one of the most beloved and adventurous treks in India for backpackers. 


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Whether it be about mountains or rivers Uttarakhand is ready to serve you with every possible adventure in your life. This place is a treat for backpackers throughout the year. During winters you can witness and enjoy some snow trails such as Brahmatal trek, Rishikesh will allow you to experience various water sports and will take you on one of the most prominent and thrilling routes for rafting that will surely skip your heartbeat. The lush green valleys of Uttarakhand will allow you to witness the unique flora and fauna with the scenic and picturesque view. Roopkund, Kedarkantha, Rupin Pass trek is a few of the treks in Uttarakhand that will bring you across the best of nature and make you experience the best of the climate. 



One of the alluring Island and Union territories of India. Andaman and Nicobar is a perfect vacation destination for you to experience something unreal. When it comes to adventure water activities never disappoint you and Andaman is home to numerous golden beaches and resorts bordered with foliage forests. Scuba diving into the crystal and gleaming water of Andaman will give you the lifetime memory of witnessing underwater life. You will come across numerous colorful species of fish. You can hope for other islands as well. Baratang Island is something that will bring you to the other world. Your journey on the water jetty through the sea will allow you to cherish the cold breeze blowing and witnessing limestone after trekking through the forest is a complete package of adventure and satisfaction. Snorkeling and Parasailing are other water activities you can enjoy on this Island. 



This place is something that will cure your wanderlust itching. Winter is the most prominent time to visit this heaven in India. Auli hosts the best of hill stations resorts. Something that will make you experience the best skiing trail in India. The blanket of snow bordered with the woods of pine, fir, and snow-capped Himalayan peaks. When you will rush down on your snowboard through the thick layer of snow and cherish the astounding view of Garhwal hills. Auli is something which is to experience once in a lifetime. This small town is nestled up at an altitude of 2,910 meter in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. 



Experience the adventure of paragliding in the Himalayan skies as you regulate the hypnotizing birdseye perspective on Manali. Floating amidst snow-covered tops with the open blue sky above you and the mysterious perspectives on the valleys around is an encounter that will be one of its own sorts. Witness all the more than 5 powerful pinnacles of the Himalayan Ranges while you skim high in the sky. Take off from a precipice from Dobhi, the most noteworthy paragliding site in Manali and skim in the Himalayan sky under the direction of experienced experts. From a height of 8000 ft get a 10,000 foot perspective of the winding Beas River and Kullu Valley covered with lavish green timberland and gushing streams. Also, get a video from go pro as a memorandum from the trip.


Now I don’t think you have to just roll down on your couch with a packet of potato chips in your hands because there's no reason to deny going on these adventure places in India. So, just ready your haversack and live a Banjara life.


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