Difficult to Choose Which One is Best Trek For Summer Season


Valley of flowers:

Valley of flowers
Valley of flowers

How to reach :

To reach the Valley of Flowers trek at Uttarakhand; 

By train - You have to get on a train from Delhi station towards Haridwar station. After reaching Haridwar station, avail a cab towards Gobind ghat.

By air - Dehradun's Jolly Grant Airport is nearest the airport. You have to book a flight from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport to Jolly Grant Airport and then hire a cab towards Gobind ghat.

By road - Get down at Gobind ghat and your trekking journey is 16 Km ahead.


Things to carry :

Do pack these things for your trekking journey:


1.      A raincoat, three pairs of trousers, three to four shirts and warm clothes and a blanket to keep you warm.

2.      A thermos flask, two 1-liter water bottles and a few dry snacks.

3.      Make sure you have a dry pack, a flexible trekking stick, a torch, and batteries.

4.      Wear trekking shoes on your journey and make sure to carry flip flops.

5.      With the permission of a doctor, take your medications with you on your journey.


Best time to visit :

The first fifteen days of August are the best time to trek as the valley gets overwhelmed with the blooms and their scent. Though you can trek from mid-June till October last.


Level of difficulty :

It is a semi-moderate trekking zone and a perfect trekking spot for beginners to trekking at. You need not fear even if you are Not accustomed to trekking. Valley of Flowers is your destination.


Reasons to do :

You will be trekking along with the enchanted world of blissfulness. You can click pictures and feel the fragrance of the mountains and their sacredness in every spot.


Places to visit :

There are some picturesque places to visit as well:


1.      Pandukeshwar Mahadev

2.      Joshimath

3.      Malaria

4.      Auli and Niti Valley

5.      Badrinath Dham and Alokananda River


About the locals :

The locals are superstitious people and avoid walking through the mysterious forests as they believe that supernatural creatures will steal them away. They say that Lord Hanuman carried Gandhamadan from the Valley of Flowers.


Some facts :

The exotic rare species of flora and fauna will catch your eyesight. The divine Brahma Kamal blooms in the Valley of Flowers. It is one of UNESCO's National Parks at the moment.


Bhrigu Lake:


Bhrigu Lake
Bhrigu Lake

How to reach :

The Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal Pradesh can be availed by various means like;

By air - Avail a flight to Kullu Airport and from the Kullu Airport, you can hire a bus or a taxi towards Manali and from there start your trekking. You can also get down at the Bhuntar Airport which is 50 km away from Manali.

By road - Commence your road journey from Delhi towards Manali. It is only twelve to thirteen hours of the journey towards Manali.

By train - You have to get over to the Chandigarh Station after that you can hire a cab towards Manali or you can get down at Delhi Station and book a cab to Manali.


Things to carry :

Make sure to pack these necessary things for your journey:


1.      Make sure to pack warm clothes and a few pairs of trousers and a raincoat and a blanket on your journey.

2.      Wear footwear that is supposed to be made for trekking. Carry two pairs of socks with you.

3.      Bring along a torch, portable charger, an umbrella and a trekking stick.

4.      Carry 1-litre water bottles and thermos flask with you and a few dry snacks.

5.      Make sure to see a doctor and carry the medications prescribed to you before trekking.


Best time to visit :

You can go  trekking at Bhrigu Lake from June to early October. Though the snowy mountain ranges meltdown in mid-May and the ranges turn lively after June and stay till September or October early. Monsoons might not allow you to trek at ease.


Level of difficulty :

It is a moderate trekking destination after all. Every trekker whether that person is a beginner or advanced seems to enjoy their trekking at Bhrigu Lake Trek. There are no such risks at the Bhrigu Lake Trek.


Reasons to do :

You will be amazed by the sun rising on the horizon that is the snow-capped mountains. The lake seems to be the water body of divine healing whereas the water kund at Vashisht village is sure to wash away your stress. You will be served by the winds of the mountain region during your trek.


Places to visit :

There are enchanting places to visit at Bhrigu Lake:


1.      Mountain Lake of Kullu

2.      Bhrigu Lake Meadows

3.      The sacred Bhrigu Lake


About the locals :

Most of the locals are from the Vashisht Village and they are religious people. After all, they consider the Bhrigu Lake was constructed by Maharishi Bhrigu while he was engrossed in a rigorous penance. According to the locals, the water of the Lake never froze in harsh climates as well.


Some facts :

The Alpine meadows are not only present in Switzerland but also in India at the Bhrigu Lake Trek. You can take full advantage of the meadows and a joyful experience will linger in your heart for a long time.

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