How to Paint a Room in 9 Steps?

interior painting
interior painting

Want to change the look of your room? Then changing the paint of your room is the best option. If you are a DIY beginner, then painting your room is the best option. It is inexpensive, and if you do something wrong, you do not have to worry as you can fix it quickly. 

9 Steps to Paint a Room

Here are the nine steps recommended by interior painting through which you can paint your room easily.

Choose The Color of The Paint

Choosing the color of the room is a significant choice. You have to go to the paint store and then ask them what type of paint you want. They will mix different colors, and you can select the right color by testing these colors on the walls of your room. Now choose the right finish for your walls depending upon the usability of the room.

Cover Your Floors and Furniture

Covering the floors and the furniture is essential. You can use masking paper to cover the floor and the carpet. Stick the masking paper with the help of tape to the floor or carpet. Now cover your furniture with the use of a drop cloth. Drop cloths come in different materials, but the fabric drop cloths are the best.

Clean The Walls

Clean the walls of the room properly. Remove all the old paint and clean the walls with the help of a heavy-duty cleaner. The cleaner will clean the walls thoroughly. Cleaner the walls better, the paint will stick on them.


Now take a utility light and check any defects in the wall. Remove all the nails from the wall. Now fill all the holes with the help of the patching compound. Now make the patches even with the help of a scrapper. It is best to apply primer on the patches before painting them.

It's Time to Paint the Ceiling

Before painting the walls, you should paint the ceiling to avoid any splattering on the walls. Now paint the edge of the ceiling. Paint the edges of the whole room first. Now paint the remaining ceiling with the help of a roller brush. Move the brush from one end of the room to the other. If you notice that the ceiling needs a second coat, then give it the second coat. But this time, move the roller brush in the opposite direction.

Now Paint the Trim

According to bedroom painting services, paint the trim before the walls. Paint the trim precisely. Then remove the trim and paint the walls. Let the walls and trim paint dry, then fix the trim back. If you can, then it is best to paint the doors and windows with the trim. 

Use Painter's Tape

Place painter's tape on the edges of the ceiling. It will help you to avoid any paintbrush or roller marks. This tape will also give a neat line between the walls and ceilings. If you are going to paint the walls without removing the trim, you can use painter's tape on the trim.

Cut In the Walls

Cutting in the walls is a good option if you want to get a neat and clear line between ceiling and walls or between walls and trim. Cut in one wall and then quickly paint the wall so that the paint blends appropriately. 

Paint The Walls with A Roller Brush

Take a roller tray and fill it with paint. Now dip the roller into the tray and move the roller from the bottom of the wall. The edges of the roller leave uneven lines so you can paint them with the next row.

Remove The Tape

In the end, remove the painter's tape. Remove it with the help of a flexible knife carefully.


Painting your room is not a difficult job. If you follow every one of the means referenced above, you will be stunned by the outcomes.

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